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help / faq

All shows are streamed via Apple's QuickTime software (version 6 or later). If you don't already have QuickTime installed, free downloads are available here for both Apple and Windows operating systems.

Note: Apple recently released QuickTime 7 for the Macintosh which requires the latest version of Panther (or the newly release Tiger) OS to run. If you don't wish to upgrade, you can still download and install QuickTime 6 here, otherwise click on the button below to download QuickTime 7.

Get QuickTime

Where's The Link to Play The Show?
Because of the way QuickTime works, when you move your mouse over the links to play the show, your pointer may not turn into the usual picture of a hand. Worry not, we've made it clear where you should click (a hint: it's the part that says something like "Watch The Concert") so trust us and click away. If you don't see the link, or see a broken image, you probably need to reinstall QuickTime (see above for the link).
Stuttering Audio?
In QuickTIme Preferences, there is a tab for 'Connection', you should select the correct connection speed. If you are hearing audio and it is breaking up, or skipping a lot, try lowering your connection speed (or if available, select a slower speed to watch).
Can't See or Hear Anything?
If you are not seeing/hearing the program. On the Connection page of Preferences in QuickTime, there is a button called 'Transport Setup' you should click on this and select: Automatically determine the best protocol and port ID. Quit QuickTime and then try re-launching the player.
Behind A Firewall?
If you are behind a firewall, you can read this Apple resource about how to configure your firewall to work with QuickTime.

Still Have Problems?
If you continue to have problems, please first check if you can view other content at the QuickTime Guide and then email us at and we'll see if we can get you up and running.