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Kikkerfest (kick-er fest) is a free online music festival that kicks aside overblown in-your-face music marketing mumbo-jumbo and connects you directly to the source of great music being created today and coming through your city tomorrow.

Amidst an uncertain economy, this is a FREE way for music fans worldwide to discover and enjoy the music these artists are making. We believe that fans want to support artists and after sampling them this way will have the confidence to know they won't be throwing their money away on just one good song per album or a crappy live show.

The festival was birthed by Chime Interactive simply from a desire to turn more people onto the great music being created by the community of artists that we work with and listen to each day. You'll see many genres of music here, but the one common thread all artists share is a strong grass-roots following of fans who have helped them grow and continue to sustain them into the future.

If you are a fan and you enjoy what you see and hear, please visit the band's web sites, buy their CDs, and keep sign up to their mailing lists so you can check them out when they come through your town.

Kikker is also the Dutch word for frog.

For more information, contact:

Jon R. Luini
Chime Interactive
(831) 477-9266